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Monday, 30 May 2022

Keeping Up with the Digital Joneses



We are in new territory this week as we delve into the digital world for all things Jones. Three each week until I run out of choices or enthusiasm. It's not a competition but I may indulge in a bit of compare and contrast. Three genres for you this week.

Vivian Jones is a Jamaican born British reggae singer who played in a number of bands prior to going solo from 1980. He has released 14 albums and is probably best known for his Lovers Rock material. This track is called Extra Classic Super Fantastic. I can't find too many details although  it seems that it is also billed as Extra Classic Supa Fantastic Love here which I suspect is its proper title.


As the name suggests Meilyr Jones is Welsh. He was formerly the frontman of a band called Race Horses prior to going solo in 2013.His music is described as chamber pop and he seems to be a favourite of The Guardian who describe him as a Welsh Jonathan Richman


Joyce Jones  is an American Soul/Disco singer who was a member of the band First Choice up until 1975. A reference on You Tube tells us that Help Me Make Up My Mind was an answer track to Tyrone Davis’ masterpiece “Can I Change My Mind”. Originally from from Mississippi, Jones co-wrote both sides with Reginald Hinesinger at ATCO Records, released in 1969.

None of them are particularly outstanding but for me Joyce just shades it this week.
Three more next week


  1. I was well into this Meilyr Jones track at the time of its release (6 years ago? Bloody hell!) and it's great to hear it again.

  2. You may have got Viv from me - according to my records I posted it in 2016 - in which case apologies for any errors in the title

  3. I loved Race Horses, but never really got into Meilyr's solo material. That said, this track is a corker and like Swede, I was all over it when it came out.

  4. Meilyr Jones is new to me but liked his effort here - will keep an eye out for his stuff