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Sunday 15 November 2020

Val's Vinyl

The third instalment from Val's Vinyl is the first one which was randomly selected to accompany dinner. Unlike Cuba Gooding I suspect that most of you are familiar with this week's act

Something Special from 1981, on the De-Lite Records label, is the thirteenth album by Kool & the Gang and their third consecutive platinum album after Ladies' Night and Celebrate.These three albums cover the period 1979 to 1981 when disco was probably at it's peak although Wiki describe Something Special as post-disco,urban,funk and R&B

It was their first hit album in the UK on the back of the success of Get Down On It peaking at number 10.

Needless to say this one's a keeper

You can have it if you want it.- satisfaction guaranteed

Get down on it

Kool & the Gang - Take My Heart

Kool & the Gang - Get Down On It



  1. I don't get the Cuba Gooding reference. Listening to Take My Heart I'm thinking that this is a really good pop ong. I am also 100% certain that I would have thought that 39 years ago. Or even 9 years ago.

  2. ....I can even listen to Get Down On It. Christ, I'm singing along with it!

    1. Is there a small jump in the track (or two) at about 1min20secs?

  3. Just listened to Cuba Gooding. That was a first. And a last.

  4. "Needless to say this one's a keeper."