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Wednesday, 18 November 2020



Today's offering is not a charity shop purchase but did come to me in a charitable sort of a way. Let me explain.

A few months ago I ordered something from Olive Grove Records . I can't remember which purchase it was off hand but when it  arrived Lloyd had thrown in End Game a 2013 album by Woodenbox  free gratis and for nothing.

I gave it a quick listen, stored it away and forgot all about it. I revisited it again recently and was very impressed with what I was hearing and it has been played several times since.

After a hiatus they are scheduled to  re-release their debut album Home and the Wildhunt on Olive Grove soon.

By way of a taster they appear on Get Into the Grove a compilation album celebrating 10 years of Olive Grove which you really should buy

Woodenbox - Everyone Has a Price

Woodenbox - Asphyxiation


  1. Two absolutely tremendous tracks.

  2. They are immense. Why do you not play this album every week??

  3. I am going to spend some money on this album. It is that good!

  4. ..and I also splashed out some unearned cash on the Foreign Organ album too

    1. I think I'm currently averaging one a week that you like!

  5. I really liked these 2 tracks and saw that with 7 other people commenting I wasn't alone. Turned out that they were all George! Still it hasn't put me off and I'll be seeking them out.