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Sunday, 22 November 2020

Val's Vinyl


It's not all disco dancing in Val's world. When she's not getting down on it she likes nothing better than a bit of American soft rock.

And what could be better than The Sound of Bread? It contains their 20 finest songs for goodness sake

There is Best of Bread,a Best of Bread 2, Anthology of Bread, Retrospective  and The Very Best of Bread among others but I suspect that this is the one that you all recognise. I shudder to think how many millions it has sold. A Slice of Bread and Crumbs (The Outtakes) will surely follow.

Featuring the dulcet tones of David Gates here are their two biggest songs Make it With You from 1970  (number 1 in the US and number 5 in the UK) and a number 3 in the US and 14 in the UK from 1973 Baby I'm a Want You. Not proper English surely?

As bread goes this is a supermarket budget loaf as opposed to anything more substantial.

Bread - Make It With You

Bread - Baby I'm a Want You


  1. I remember this album being in the record collections of all my parents friends when I was growing up along with Rumours and Atlantic Crossing. Not knowingly ever heard Bread

  2. I was going to play this album in its entirety, on a video sharing site, to see how many of the songs I recognised. It won't load