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Thursday 19 November 2020

When The Fallen Angels Fly


Jason Isbel's raging. Sturgill Simpson too.

The reason ? The Country Music Association (CMA) saw fit to ignore the passing of Jerry Jeff Walker, Billy Joe Shaver and John Prine at their recent awards ceremony. Maybe they were not quite bland  or shiney teethed and big hatted enough?

Jason and his wife Amanda Shires were so incensed that they ripped up theiir membership cards.

Forget CMA. There is alway a place at CCM for Jerry Jeff, Billy Joe and John. And for Jason, Amanda and Sturgill too for that matter.

Here is some real country for you . Country with soul, attitude and passion

Jerry Jeff Walker - Backslider's Wine

Shaver - When The Fallen Angels Fly

John Prine - He Was in Heaven Before He Died


  1. 3 great singer/songwriters I'd rather listen to than any winners of a CMA award.

    More power to Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires & Sturgill Simpson for their stance against the CMA.

  2. That's a scandal. The passing of John Prine on its own deserves an annual holiday on that day to commemorate and listen to his back catalogue.