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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Push The Sky Away


2020 Charity Shop Purchases 62 - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away

Although there are now five Nick Cave albums on the shelves either belonging to me or Mrs CC (six if you include Grinderman; there is also the CD single Henry Lee with PJ Harvey) I wouldn't describe myself as a huge  fan.

I feel that he has got a big hit for himself and that some of his stuff can be pretentious twaddle. However I was not going to pass by a sealed copy of Push the Sky Away his 15th studio album from 2013 on the band's own Bad Seeds Ltd label.

On this one we get the mellow Nick as opposed to the thrashy Nick. Barry Adamson appears for the first time since 1986 but it is the band's first album not to feature Mick Harvey. The cover shows Cave opening a window shutter to illuminate his naked wife. What was I saying about pretentious?

I think it is pleasant enough background music but given its critical acclaim I should perhaps spend some more time with it to see if it becomes a grower.

On the first track Nick indulges himself with a little bit of Prince spelling

My final holiday purchase but worry not as I picked up another haul over the weekend which will feature as and when I give them a listen

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds -We No Who U R

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street


  1. There are six Nick Cave albums here, most purchased almost for the sake of buying an album when money was burning a hole in my pocket and I felt an urge to buy something, rather than being a big fan. If your choice is representative of the album it seems that half the tracks are interesting (Jublee Street) and the rest bland (We No Who U R).

  2. Very probably my second-favourite Nick Cave album (after Henry's Dream). Jubilee Street is as good a track as he's released this century. You really do need to make some time to listen to it a bit more. Wide lovely Eyes, Mermaids and especially Higgs Boson Blues are absolutely essential.

  3. I'm not a Nick Cave completest, but I'd also rate Push the Sky Away quite highly.

  4. AS Swede said- and I think the title track is superb.

  5. This isn't one of my favourites, though it's nice enough. Prefer The Boatman's Call & Murder Ballads, that era.