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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Broadford Beatles Bonanza


There are no charity shops in Lochcarron or the surrounding villages so the only one visited during the second week of our holiday was the Blythswood Care shop on Broadford on Skye which we visited en route to the Old Inn at Carbost beside the Talisker distillery.

Now I am on record as not being a Beatles fan but Mrs CC is so it seemed foolhardy not to pick up a number of their CDs which were on the shelves.

Somebody had obviously fairly recently handed in their Beatles collection and we came away with With the Beatles (1963),Beatles for Sale (1964), Rubber Soul (1965),Revolver (1966), The Beatles 1967-1970  and  the second and third double CDSs of The Beatles Anthology.  Don't  worry I'm not going to feature them all. Mrs CC also got a Denby tea set so she was happy.

The nice gent who served us was looking forward to his wife getting out of hospital the next day. Hope she's home and feeling well

The Beatles - All My Loving

The Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven


  1. Great Bunch of Beatles albums. My all time fave is Rubber Soul, but those other albums have some great songs on them.

  2. Ditto FBCB. I have never understood the Beatles hate in our blogging community. Tea and Beatles sounds like a nice day out. Way to go, Mrs. CC.

  3. How come I can never find Charity Shops like that - James Last, James Galway, Boney M, and maybe a copy of Paul Young's No Parlez (if I'm lucky).

  4. You've seen a lot more of the Highlands than I have this year, which is ironic - You got in there quickly ahead of the tiers.

    What a great haul of records. I'm thinking the person who got rid of them really didn't know what they had.

    1. The restrictions kicked in on our last night so we were very lucky

  5. What a tremendous haul. I've never seen a Beatles LP or CD in a charity shop in my life. I find it hard to believe that anyone with at least a passing interest in pop music can say that they truly hate The Beatles, although the dad of an old girlfriend of mine would famously and rather grumpily say that he only ever considered them to have been '...a quite good singles band...' I never was sure if he was just trying to wind me up.