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Monday, 23 November 2020

Stumble Into Grace


2020 Charity Shop Purchases 63 - Emmylou Harris - Stumble Into Grace

Following a short interval we are back to charity shop purchases following a reasonable hall  from a charity shop on Glasgow's Battlefield Road last weekend. Unfortunately given our current Level 4 restrictions it will be the last haul for a while.

From 2003 on the Nonesuch label Stumble Into Grace is the 20th studio album from Emmylou Harris the first being from as far back as 1969. About half of them now grace the shelves.There appear to be two alternative covers for this one.

It is of the usual high standard. Let's face it you can't really go wrong with Emmylou .All songs written (or in the case of a traditional song arranged) by Emmylou or by her and collaborators.

My first selection I Will Dream is a collaboration with Kate and Anna McGarrigle .As well as Kate & Anna, Buddy and Julie Miller feature as do Ethan Johns,Daniel Lanois,Bernie Leaden,Linda Ronstadt and Gillian Welsh among others.

When Emmylou shouts (although it is hard to imagine her shouting) the great and the good come running.

Emmylou Harris - I Will Dream

Emmylou Harris - O Evangeline


  1. I would like to say that you've posted two good tracs to start the week.......

  2. ..........You've posted two good tracks to start the week!

  3. I heartily concur with George's statement(s)

  4. Classy stuff from both you and Emmylou

    1. You're too kind sir
      Emmylou defo. I'm not so sure about me