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Friday 13 November 2020

The Dylan EP


2020 Charity Shop Purchases 60 - Roddy Hart & Gemma Hayes - The Dylan EP

A few years ago on Noisetrade I picked up a copy of The Dylan EP  by Roddy Hart & Gemma Hayes ( or by Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire with Gemma Hayes as it says on the back cover ) which was released on Vertical Records in 2011 and I have previously posted two of the four tracks Most of the Time and It's All Over Now, Baby Blue on these pages

When  I spied a copy in Fort William ,still sealed , it seemed foolish not to upgrade

The Vertical Records website provides some blurb which explains the genesis of this release

After successfully curating ‘Forever Young: A 70th Birthday Tribute To Bob Dylan’ at this year’s Celtic Connections festival – featuring a host of international artists including Rosanne Cash, Josh Rouse, Thea Gilmore, Kris Drever, Eddi Reader and more, and broadcast by Radio 2 and Sky Arts – Scottish singer/songwriter Roddy Hart and his band The Lonesome Fire join forces with another of the night’s performers, Irish singer/songwriter Gemma Hayes, to release “The Dylan EP” on Vertical Records.

A bit lazy but there you go. Here are t he two tracks I didn't feature the last time round Oh, Sister and a particularly lively version of Not Dark Yet


  1. Both these tracks are passable covers if that's not too damning with faint praise and on some days you think, yep fair dos it's a good song why not put out your own version of it but then on other days you think, this is a great song, the original is untouchable so.....why bother? This is one of those other days!

    Now I feel mean.

  2. I listen to Roddy on the radio every week and keep meaning to check out more of his own music.