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Tuesday 14 June 2016

Most of the Time

I am familiar with Most of the Time thanks to a beautiful version by Roddy Hart and Gemma Hayes. It puts me in mind of Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter
I knew it was a Bob Dylan song as it is from their The Dylan EP.
However I was not familiar with Bob's version probably as it is from his 1989 album Oh Mercy which I have never knowingly listened to.
I am of course familiar with his version of the other song I have chosen to feature from the EP.

A bit of a Celtic combination with Roddy from Scotland and Gemma from Ireland.
Both have previously featured on these pages in their own right

Roddy Hart & Gemma Hayes - Most of the Time

Roddy Hart & Gemma Hayes -It's All Over Now, Baby Blue


  1. "It's All Over Now Baby Blue": It's a fairly faithful cover, but it's still great to listen to. Which is possibly the hallmark of great songwriting.

  2. I like Gemma's voice better by a whisker. Top-notch songs no matter who sings them.

  3. 'Most of the Time' is amongst my very favourite Dylan songs, though in the 60 times I've seen the great man in concert, he's only played it once. I might have had a little cry that night.
    These are both lovely.

  4. This is sweet. Nice vocals & perfect song choices. Bravo!

  5. I'm familiar with Bob's version because it's on the soundtrack to High Fidelity.