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Sunday 5 June 2016

Some Sunday Ladies Night Soul

I've been featuring Soul just about every Sunday since October 2013 and the mine seam is pretty much exhausted.
Time then to hit the compilations section.
And we start with two standards from Ladies Night - disc 1 - don't ask
Hot Chocolate up first. My mum once asked me who I was listening to."Steve Earle" I replied. " Oh is that the bloke from Hot Chocolate? " she responded
Not even close and definitely no cigar.
Nope it is the recently sadly departed Mr Errol Brown. who was indeed The Real Thing (see what I did there?)
God only knows what will feature next Sunday.

Hot Chocolate -You Sexy Thing

Real Thing - You To Me Are Everything


  1. "God only knows what will feature next Sunday." Surely it won't be worse than today's selection. You're scraping the bloody barrel here. Says the man with the single It Started With A Kiss in his music room.

    1. Rest assured there is worse George, much worse

  2. You To Me Are Everything is one of the best pop songs ever written.

    Can't Get By Without You is pretty damned good too.