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Thursday 9 June 2016

Wish I Was in Tiajuana

Whilst reading Jez' recent radio themed post Mexican Radio  by Wall of Voodoo immediately popped into my head.

Trouble is I have previously posted this way back in April 2013  as part of my Mexican Monday series.
No problem then I'll just look out the album Call of the West and select a couple of tracks for your listening pleasure.
One major drawback however. The album is totally rank
So on the basis that only one man and two dogs were following my blog back then and  because it allows me to sing "wish I was in Tiajuana , Eating barbequed iguana" here it is again.
Also included is the  album's title track which is the best of a bad lot.

In case you are wondering where you have heard the vocalist before it is Stan Ridgway of Camouflage fame.
That is Stanard Ridgway as opposed to Stanley Ridgway by the way.

Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

Wall of Voodoo - Call of the West


  1. I have that album, and like you I'm not very impressed. But I might get it out again and give it a play..........

  2. Good to hear this song again. I played in former times a lot.

  3. This song deserves many airings. I have some solo Stan Ridgeway I'll be getting to one of these days over at my place.

  4. It darn nearly made it onto my playlist too, CC, just couldn't find my copy of it anywhere. No need for me to bother looking any further now though, cheers! (Oh and thanks for the link to my place too). Jez