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Friday 17 June 2016

Vintage Country Vinyl - Jerry Lee Lewis

In the late 60's Jerry Lee Lewis resurrected his career by switching from Rock'n' Roll to Country.
In 1969 he recorded two albums of classic country songs in four sessions over two days as a way to fulfil his contractual obligation to his record label Smash.
Slightly better than Metal Machine Music I'm sure you'll agree
The pictured album above which is the one on the CC shelves is a compilation of the best of Volumes One and Two and is from 1981.
His move to Country was a huge success and it is interesting and indeed entertaining  to hear his take on the standards with his trademark ivory tinkling thrown in for good measure

More VCV next Friday but not from JLL.

Jerry Lee Lewis - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Jerry Lee Lewis - It Makes No Difference Now


  1. I prefer him in the Bellboy and the Disorderly Orderly.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Jerry Lee Lewis was big in my house growing up. Impossible to listen to without thinking of my dad.

    1. Glad this series is bringing back memories for you Brian

    2. I imagine I'll be thinking of him quite a bit during this series. Hated it all back then. I know better now.

  2. Is that Brian referring to the "comedian" Jerry Lewis?
    Listeing to the second track I'm struck by how great a country singer Jerry Lee Lewis is. And some yodellin too. Quality.

  3. Jerry Lee was a seriously good country singer.

  4. Me and my mates have what we call IJ sessions (Invisible Jukebox). We pinched the name from The Wire magazine actually. The aim is not so much to catch each other out with what we play but to introduce each other to artists/bands/genres new or old we may not be familiar with. Not the most original idea I know but......I'm gonna play that JLL It Makes No Difference track and I'm sure they'll never guess who it is. OK, yes so sometimes we do try to catch each other out!