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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Namechecked - T-Rex

Television man is crazy saying were juvenile delinquent wrecks
Oh man I need TV when I got T-Rex

Some brief respite from the relentless Americana this week as we go Glam
You will all recognize the above lyrics penned by the mighty David Bowie from All The Young Dudes which was a number 3 hit for Mott the Hoople way back in 1972
We then step forward a year with T-Rex and  Truck on (Tyke)  which only reached the dizzy heights of number 12.

As an added bonus playing these two albums has thrown up another couple of namecheck references so look out for them in due course

Someone else will be namechecked next Saturday 


  1. T.Rex were the first band I ever saw live, in December 1972. 'All the Young Dudes' was played over the sound system before they came on and the whole audience joined in with the relevant line. The gap between that night and the release of 'Truck On (Tyke)' felt like a lifetime when it was happening, but in reality was only about 10 months. Happy days.

  2. Unquestionably the best song to reference T-Rex in its lyrics, but not the only one. May I also tender...

    The Who - You Better, You Bet

    R.E.M. - The Wake-Up Bomb

    Jenny Owen Youngs - Last Person

  3. Might bank the Who for future reference!

  4. Two mighty tunes today, CC. There is a reason why T.Rex is referenced in so many songs.

  5. Bit of an obscure one, but Wishbone Ash released a tune called 'Bolan's Monument' as a 12" b-side in 1989. I didn't see that one coming at the time either.

  6. What can I say? I was a bit of a completest back in the day!