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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Roots Music from Rounder

Roots music is a  term sometimes used to describe music that draws from various American musical traditions including country, blues and folk  -in short  just about half of my record collection then.
Rounder Records founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts  in 1970 but now working out of Nashville and the self proclaimed premier indie label in America was one of the original labels supporting this kind of music and is still one of the most important
A couple of tracks today - one Americana and one folk  from a compilation called Sinner's Prayer.
The album includes the likes of Solomon Burke, Alison Krauss, Kelly Joe Phelps, Madeleine Peyroux and Irma Thomas so a pretty broad church then.
The title track is from Slaid Cleaves one of the first Americana artists I saw in Glasgow in the mid 90's when Tom Hamilton's Death and Taxes promotions put on some great gigs.
To my knowledge I have never seen the other  featured act Cherish the Ladies

Slaid Cleaves - Sinner's Prayer

Cherish The Ladies - Betsy Belle and Mary Gray

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  1. Quite an array of artists on that Rounder, I can tell you. Good stuff, CC.