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Thursday 16 June 2016


You'll be glad to know it's time for more from my brother.
No that picture which looks like a mug shot is not of him. It is in fact Martin James Boorer better known as Boz Boorer with a couple of tracks from his 2012 album Some of the Parts
Boz was a member of The Polecats but is probably best known as co-writer, guitarist and musical director and general wing man with Morrissey
As it is my brother's we will go for the rockabilly options.
However the album is a mixed bag with country (with an appearance by James Maker), jazz, bossanova (or Bozanova) and  a pretty ropey version of Sunday Morning Coming Down.
I probably like half of them including these two
Tokyo Calling is a song he recorded for a charity album following the tsunami in 2011
About Dr Jazz Boz recalls Kirsty MacColl phoned me and asked if I had any songs suitable for Brian Setzer
Friend of the stars and probably an acquaintance of George given he has a studio in Portugal

Boz Boorer - Tokyo Calling

Boz Boorer - Dr Jazz


  1. I forgot to say yesterday how much I liked those Howie Gelb songs. I always him/Giant Sand a bit hit and miss. Today's songs are also rather good, so that's "well done" to BoCC (Brother of Charity Chic). Of course, I saw the BOZ and was expecting something by Boz Scaggs, whose real name is William Royce Scaggs. Mr Scaggs is the son of a travelling salesman.

  2. I had no idea Boz Boorer was in Polecats. Never made that connection. I'm stunned.