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Sunday 26 June 2016

Some Sunday Cheatin' Soul

The Sunday Soul series is beginning to cause me a bit of angst as I have just about run out of material.
So until some new stuff appears on the shelves we will just have to re-visit some old favourites.

And where better to kick off than by calling on our old friends in Germany Trikont and the fantastic compilation Cheatin' Soul and the Southern Dream of Freedom.
A sister compilation to the Dirty Laundry country- soul set focusing on the classic Southern soul tradition of cheating songs.
Plenty to choose from then and Trikont serve up 23 crackers.
They are all worthy of selection but you are only getting two
Let's kick off with the great Doris Duke with If She's Your Wife (Who Am I) one of the many "other woman" songs featured
We follow this with Clarence Carter defending his territory on What Was I Supposed to Do.

Tremendous stuff
More Soul next Sunday

Doris Duke - If She's Your Wife (Who Am I)

Clarence Carter - What Was I Supposed to Do

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