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Tuesday 7 June 2016

Sounds of the Summer

The weather in Glasgow has been pretty good for the last week or so.
Now I drafted this post a few days ago so it may well be snowing by now.

It got me thinking about sounds of the summer and a new candidate must surely be Wanderlust by Kid Wave one of , if not the, best albums of 2015. Thanks to Drew for bringing it to my attention.
They are an Anglo Swedish combo recording on the Heavenly label.
As the i-tunes preview states they have classic pop sensibilities at their core with big easy melodies and fat guitar riffs

Rarely has a song called Gloom sounded so bouncy
Buy this album - you will not regret it

Kid Wave - Gloom

Kid Wave - Best Friend


  1. It was an album thay I played constantly for a couple of months last year and which still makes a regular appearance

  2. Agreed, it's a corking album. I learned about it through Swiss Adam (though he did acknowledge that you and Drew raved about it before him).

  3. I can totaly agree to Robster's words. It is still one to be played again

  4. When it comes up on shuffle it still sounds great.