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Monday 9 November 2020

Ain't No Mountain High Enough


There Ain't No Mountain High Enough. I  think I can say that with some confidence given that the final score in the River Deep or Mountain High series was a resounding River 5 Mountain 2.

The Gracious Losers were the winners (strange as that may sound) with their Where The River Meets the Sea routing the Fleet Foxes with Tiger Mountain Peasant Song  by 8 votes to 2.

I'm sure that Fleet Foxes will be gracious losers unlike the soon to be former US President Donald J Trump.

A bit of a strange series this one. It started brightly, lost some momentum in the middle and then finished strongly.

It will probably be next year before I contemplate a further compare and contrast series. Suggestions weicome.

There is a pretty interesting back story to River Deep, Mountain High here and here which I was blissfully unaware of. Some amount of talent involved with this record.

In the meantime take it away Tina

Ike & Tina Turner -River Deep ,Mountain High

The Supremes & The Four Tops - River Deep, Mountain High

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell -Ain't No Mountain High Enough


  1. Excellent series as always, CC. For the next compare and contrast how about "Arse or Elbow", exclusively featuring Guy Garvey and Bono? Maybe limit that to a single edition though.

  2. Great stuff, CC, thanks.
    (Love Ernie's suggestion too!)

  3. A fine ending to a fun series. Thanks, CC.

  4. Already missing it. Bad or good, surely.