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Monday 29 April 2019

Oh Mercy Mercy Me

Shortly before leaving St Andrews we decided to have one final trawl of the Charity shops .
In the British Heart Foundation shop I spottted a CD of Oh Mercy the 26th studio album by Bob Dylan for 99p and given the paucity on show I eagerly grabbed it.
I was aware that it was from a time in Bob's career which can be kindly described as not his best and indeed it is the only one of his I have between 1981's Shot of Love and 1997's Time Out of Mind.
It is produced by the ubiquitous Daniel Lanois.
It was therefore with a degree of trepidation that I gave it a spin. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously not his best but certainly not his worse.
I've subsequently seen it described as a return to form following albums such as Empire Burlesque, Knocked Out Loaded and Down in the Groove.

Mrs CC then came over with a vinyl copy of Ennio Morricone's Soundtrack to the film The Mission.
I then decided to have a look in the vinyl section ........ and .. to be continued in due course!

Bob Dylan - Everything is Broken

Bob Dylan -What Good Am I ?


  1. After a very uneven decade, Bob ends the 80s with a good 'un. The production sounds a little dated now, but 'Most of the Time' is one of my favourite Dylan songs from any period.

    1. Have you heard the version by Roddy Hart & Gemma Hayes which I've posted here before?

  2. No kidding. I have never seen this album before in my life... and it's Bob Dylan. Not sure how that's possible. These songs sound pretty good, and I'm reading nice things in general. Not sure if it's because of the string of poor albums that preceded it, but I may seek this one out.

  3. It was the times when I lost my connection to Dylan in these days. Another great music was in this time that made much more fun to me. But these albums grew the more I listened to them. Nowadays I come back to these more and more. Great post Stevie.