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Sunday 7 April 2019

Motor City Soul

Not quite sure how these things work but I managed to pick up the May 2019 edition of Mojo when I was on holiday in March.
The main article was about Fleetwood Mac  * yawn*
There was also an article on the early days of Motown which was obviously much more interesting. The accompanying CD was Motor City Soul - 15 nuggets that made Detroit move.
Here are three of the said nuggets.
The first is from Marv Johnson who is accompanied by the Band of Harold "Beans" Bowles.
The second is from The Ohio Untouchables a band from Dayton, Ohio who were led by Robert Ward.
I have an album by Robert Ward (and the Black Top All -Stars) called Fear No Evil which was released some 30 or so years later and was championed by Andy Kershaw.
The final of my selections is the easily most well known of the three, the great Jackie Wilson with To Be Loved a single from way back as far as 1957.
Terrific stuff.

Marv Johnson with the Band of Harold "Beans" Bowles - Once Upon a Time

The Ohio Untouchables - Love is Amazing

Jackie Wilson - To Be Loved


  1. That Ohio Untouchables track is on that Robert Ward album. Do you remember that Fear No Evil was also re-recorded for the album we have, it was released many many years before ca. 1970 I think. Still, it is a mighty fine album.

  2. I thought I had stopped buying Mojo as it seems to be same old same old most months but I'm very tempted by that album.