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Monday, 22 April 2019

Davies v Davis

Finally the last of my holiday haul which is just as well as I am  now off again for a couple of days so will hopefully come back with some more booty.
Gail Davies Greatest Hits (minus front cover) was purchased in the Wigton Community Shop.

I was vaguely familiar with the name and thought I may I have seen her in Glasgow's State Bar a number of years ago.A check of the Ticket Tin tells me that it was in fact the Tron Theatre Bar on the 1st of August 2002.
 The name on the tick is Gail Davis (no e) but I'm assuming it is the same person.
The music is a bit to mainstream country for my tastes. I was minded to return it but Mrs  CC quite likes it so it will remain  on the shelves meantime

Gail Davies - Jagged Edge of a Broken Heart

Gail Davies - Bucket to the South


  1. I saw her way back when at the Borderline in London, possibly the same tour. Was she on the same bill as Peter Rowan, and did her brother Ron come on for a couple of numbers?

  2. You really need to start differentiating between your collection and that of Mrs CC, I suggest a different rooms (as practiced here)

  3. My boss used to play "Jagged Edge" in the record store I used to work in. At that time my taste was Metal, and New Wave...she tolerated us, but she turned me on to Rodney Crowell, Rosanne Cash, Steve Earle, Gail Davies! Can you download "Jagged Edge" It jumps all over at the best part where the music fades, and the acapella harmonies come in. Fantastic song! Thank you! Keep that eclectic taste!