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Friday, 19 April 2019

Luminate Yer Heid

Now that he has retired regular commenter Spence has been systematically going through his music collection from A-Z deciding what to keep and what to discard (the only problem being that he keeps acquiring new stuff thus somewhat defeating the purpose!)
I had envisaged doing something similar when I come to hanging up my boots.
However as I mentioned last week lack of space has sped up this process albeit at a very slow one disc a week pace.

This week's burn under the spotlight is Luminate Yer Heid by The Lanterns from 1999 which was on Columbia.
I'm not quite sure as to how this one originally crossed my radar.
From Sighthill in Edinburgh the band  were signed up by Kenny McDonald the manager of The Proclaimers. The members were singing sisters Sylvia and Gina Rae and guitarist/songwriter Jim Sutherland.

Luminate Yer Heid - the verdict.  It's a keeper. Excellent bouncy synth pop with a Scottish twang.I'm kicking myself for having neglected it for so long. It will be taken from it's new slimline case and played more regularly in the future.

The Lanterns -High Rise Town

The Lanterns - Winter in my Heart


  1. Hasn't someone told Spence it is illegal to dispose of one's own records????

    1. Having said that I'm not sure I would be keeping this Lanterns album......

  2. Ha ha I like the thought of doing something illegally, esp at my age! What has been a crime in my acquisitive past has been buying CDs/albs and squirreling them away at such a rate that I simply could never get around to listening to them all as well as playing all my other old favourites - a common 'illness' for music lovers I know. Not having the 'ruthless' gene doesn't help either. When it comes to other people's music collections though I can be pretty brutal and on the basis of a single listen to these two tracks I too doubt they would be still be on my shelves! Sorry.