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Thursday 11 April 2019

Under the Western Freeway

On my way back from Some Great Reward record cafe in Glasgow's Victoria Road on Saturday (where I  got the excellent Better Oblivion Community Center album which will feature in due course) I popped in to my local charity shop.
They had a Matthew Sweet CD on the shelves! Unfortunately it was 100% Fun one of the two of his I already have.
Undettered I pressed on and came away with Under the Western Freeway the 1997 debut album by Grandaddy. I'm only guessing but I suspect it may well have been the same person who handed both in.
It's the third of their albums that I have managed to pick up in charity shops the other two being album 2 The Sophtware Slump and album 3 Sumday.
There are some good tracks on it but it is not in the same league as it's successors.Having said that it could well be a grower.

If they keep selling them for 50p I'll keep buying them.

Grandaddy - A.M. 180

Grandaddy - Summer Here Kids


  1. No, this isn't up to the same standard of the other two you mention, but still worth having on the shelves.

    Very much enjoying the Better Oblivion Community Centre album.

  2. Yep, good but not great album did show Jason Lytle would be one to watch.