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Friday 12 April 2019

How I Learned to Love the Bootboys

The lack of space problem is now at a critical level particularly with respect to the Indie/Pop shelves.
Drastic measures are  therefore clearly called for.
As an initial measure I am revisiting a number of burns that I haven't listened to in a number of years with a view to either binning or transfering to slimline CD cases thus saving a modicum of space.
The first album up for scrutiny is How I Learned to Love the Bootboys by The Auteurs from 1999.
If I have listened to it this century I would be surprised.
Listening to it afresh it's not doing much for me I'm afraid.
Talented though he undoubtedly  is Luke Haines always comes across to me as somewhat smug both as a person and in his writing. I don't think I would last a night out without decking him.

The Auteurs - The Rubettes

An anecdote about The Rubettes.
Many years ago a pal was working as a manager in a bingo hall in Glasgow's East End. One of his staff asked what kind of music he liked. "The Ramones" was his reply which lead to "Oh, those guys in the white suits and caps?" as the response.

The verdict on HILTLTB? - it's getting binned. Sorry Rol

The Auteurs - Future Generation


  1. I think the white suits and caps would have suited the Ramones - make them look a bit more sleazy

  2. Slimline cd cases are 5.4mm wide, half the width of jewel cases (10.4mm obviously). I see two solutions, first transfer all burns to slimlines, or double up burns in your jewel cases (in the same way our joint Mojo The Ones That Got Away are done). The scond option would require you to re-print sleeves, something you can do at work in between counting the paperclips

  3. I would rather listen to the Rubettes' Sugar Baby Love than listen to that Auteurs track again.

  4. My space solution? Ditch the jewel cases.

    1. what is a cellobag? Is it just a plastic sleeve?

    2. I call them cellobags, though the correct term appears to be Resealable Polyprop Wrap. I got a few from here, but later discovered some much cheaper alternatives on eBay.

  5. Fair enough. We can't agree on everything!

    Yes, I think he is a bit smug. But in a weirdly self-deprecating way. It's an odd combination.

  6. The last two Kasabian singles, funnily enough, have been reworkings of Rubettes tunes.