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Saturday 20 April 2019

Double Initials - OO

Well that was somewhat more difficult than last week.

Let's get the  ridiculous and untalented elephant out the room first..
Ozzy Osbourne has appeared on these pages before as a member of Black Sabbath performing Paranoid.
He will never appear in his own right.

The obvious one as anyone who read my last paragraph closely enough will realise was of course the brilliant Only Ones. The song below is from their Peel Sessions album specifically the session which was recorded on 05/04/78.

Thereafter I had to rely on a little help from my friends. I had managed to find a couple of songs from the band Oh-OK in the deepest recesses of my hard drive.Ramone666 then pitched in with this absolute cracker from them..Short but sweet. I shall be tracking down more by them.
They were a band from Athens, Georgia who were active from 1981-1984.. Lead singer Linda Hopper then went on to feature in the band Magnapop.

Then Ernie Goggins offered up a couple of suggestions one of which was Oliver Onions which as I'm sure you all know was a pseudonym for a couple of Italian brother Guido and Maurizio De Angelis. .Let's face it  I was never not going to feature a band called Oliver Onions. It's just a pity that it is  such a terrible song.

Next week it is PP which should be somewhat easier*. I've a couple in mind. Over to you.

The Only Ones - The Beast (Peel Sessions)

Oh- OK - Lilting

Oliver Onions - Same Situation

* update - it isn't as easy as I first thought


  1. Guido & Maurizio De Angelis?!?!?!? I'm sorry but I'm not clued in to the names of composers of the musical scores of cult Italian films!

  2. P.P. Arnold was the first that came to my mind and The first cut is the deepest is still a great song.

  3. P.P. Arnold - First Cut Is The Deepest. (Although I think her finest hour was duetting with Steve Marriott on "Tin Soldier")

  4. Patti Page had a huge hit with "Tennessee Waltz".

  5. Peter Perret is another one and Pantha du Prince (a German DJ and producer)

  6. The King of Tsonga Disco, Penny Penny. Patti Page. Patty Pravo's Italian version of 'Walk on the Wild Side' (although you may have had enough of Italians for the moment). Polly Paulusma. 'Love is Wonderful' by Paula Parfitt. Croatia's own Psihomodo Pop.

  7. Phil Pratt and Prince Pampidou (aka Prince Pompidou) both in the roots reggae dept. Obscure soul group Pieces Of Peace.

  8. Patti Palladin - 'Crawfish' (recorded with Johnny Thunders) or 'All I Want' from her time in Snatch.
    I also heartily endorse Ramone666's Phil Pratt suggestion.

  9. Pat Powdrill And The Powerdrills - 'They Are The Lonely'. Yours for a mere £298 on Discogs if you're interested.

  10. The Pasternak Progress - 'Cotton Soul' or 'Flower Eyes', both pretty good 60s Garage tunes.

  11. Good call Swede, dunno how I forgot Patti P.

  12. Pete Petrol from Spizz...?

  13. Being a Spider-Man fan, I should start by pointing out that there is/was a band called Peter Parker.

    Other than that, I found...

    Painted Palms

    Palomino Party

    The Paperclip People

    Passion Pit

    The Passion Puppets (they were on a Stiff compilation)

    Patience & Prudence

    Paul & The Patients (with their song Blogspot - well, it's relevant)

    Paul Peterson

    Peggy Sue & The Pirates?

    The People The Poet (actually worth a listen, especially their song OCD)

    Perez Prado

    Pete & The Pirates

    Peter Pan Speedrock

    Peter, Paul (& Mary)

    Pets With Pets

    PF Project (with Ewan McGregor - Choose Life, from the Trainspotting soundtrack)

    Phantom Planet

    The Pied Pipers

    PJ Proby

    Plastik People

    Pork Pie

    Porno For Pyros

    Good luck next week!

    1. I've got one for next week! (I suspect a great many of us will be thinking of the same one.)

    2. As far as I can see, there is only one.

  14. I've got a QQ too. The ones for PP that occurred to me have already been mentioned Peter Perrett and Paperclip People.

  15. I simply can't believe that noone mentioned PERIOD PAINS: "Spice Girls (Who Do You Think You Are)" yet … !

  16. Posting late on a Friday night is never going to trouble the scorers when it come to you doing yr Saturday post I know so these will have to be also-rans. Unlike Rol, who seems to hoover up the internet each week these are actually on my shelves - Paco Pena, Flamenco wizard and Pierson, Parker, Janowitz who did a Beatles' cover songs album which is surprisingly good. My vote would go to Passion Puppets (already mentioned) whose album Beyond The Pale I bought on spec whilst on a training course in Leeds in the 80s - got home, played it and loved it ever since - all an irrelevance I know but this is what music does to you!