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Saturday 27 April 2019

Double Initials - PP

Despite my initial confidence PP proved to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Again I came up with two and then got stumped. Fortunately you lot stepped into help me.

My first thought was an artist who appeared as an OO last week namely Peter Perrett.
He was the second thought of  Walter with his first thought PP Arnold being my second. I fairly recently featured her version of The First Cut is the Deepest so thought I would go for something else albeit it is not in the same league.

Thereafter I was stuck and had a look at some of your suggestions.A little bit of reggae from Phil Pratt as suggested by Ramone 666 and quickly seconded by the Swede seemed in order.
Swede - I'll pass on your kind suggestion of investing £298 on Pat Powdrill And The Powerdrills  with They Are The Lonely'. 

Finally I was somewhat intrigued by Dirk's suggestion:

I cannot come up with a QQ.
Some of you in the comments section have been smuggly boasting that you have something in mind.
Feel free to share what you have with me or else we are straight onto RR

Peter Perrett - How The West Was Won

P.P.Arnold - Angel of the Morning

Phil Pratt - Safe Travel


  1. Quando Quango, Factory Records act in the 80s, who recorded 2 ace singles and an album.

    1. Atom Rock, Genius and Love Tempo. Make that 3 singles.

    2. That was the one and only QQ I could think of too. A name that sticks from Peel days but I didn't remember any of their songs!

    3. Yep, I reckon that was the one we were all thinking of. I'll be pleasantly surprised if another suggestion materialises.

  2. There was a band called Quack Quack, from about ten years ago

  3. of their tracks is called Perpetual Spinach. They might be a bit too prog. for you, though

  4. Love the Period Pains!

    Quando Quango was all I had this week.

  5. … and there is - of course - Quetzal Quoatl: Russia's finest, I'm sure you agree!

  6. … rather not, George, rather not ...

  7. This is an aside but last year the other half and I ate our way round the town! We weren't being greedy we just worked our way through the alphabet picking a restaurant starting with the next letter each time. The only letters we got stuck at were Q, X and Y although I suspect you may be ok for Y in this series.

    1. Q has been negotiated - U was an issue but Ernie has provided something.
      Cautiosly optimistic that we will complete the alphabet

      Like the restaurant challenge!