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Friday 5 April 2019

From Skid Row to Beasley Street

Rewind is another Ballantrae acquisition, a compilation CD comprising of 12 seemingly random artists and songs
It starts with some Blues rock from Chicken Shack, Skid Row , Fleetwood Mac and Argent.
Then a bit of psychedelia courtesy of Donovan and Spirit .
The Only Ones are next up followed by Ian Hunter, John Cale, the Walker Brothers and New Musik (no, me neither).
The best is saved for last with an appearance by the good Doctor.

A 17 year old Gary Moore is on guitar on the Skid Row track.

Reading the sleeve notes it turns out this is a sampler for Rewind a series of re-issues of classic recordings on the Columbia label which makes things slightly less confusing.

Skid Row -Unco-op Showband Blues

John Cooper Clarke - Beasley Street


  1. Lazily I went to the obvious place to investigate New Music. Then lazily I went to the obvious place to listen to one of their songs
    this sounded vaguely familiar, although it did sound a bit like The lightning Seeds

    1. She’s a Magazine is the one on the compilation

    2. New Musik? You're only talking of one the best ever British synth pop bands (not usually my cup of tea) of the late 70s early 80s! Apart from Living By Numbers which George found, check out also Straight Lines, This World Of Water, On Islands and Sanctuary. They seemed to disappear off the face of the earth after a couple of years.

  2. What an excellent piece of work 'Beasley Street' is. JCC still performs an updated version of it on stage to this day.

    1. You could replace Keith Joseph with May/Amber Rudd/IDS etc,etc

  3. That looks quite a random selection as you say, it's like 'Only Connect', I'm trying to work out what links them! New Musik, though, is a name I do remember, and their Top 20 hit 'Living By Numbers'. Would much prefer to listen to JCC of course.