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Thursday 4 April 2019

Cosmic Deliverance

Up until fairly recently I was under the impression that 2000's magnificent Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine  on Alan McGhee's Poptones label was the first album by The Cosmic Rough Riders.
I have since discovered that they had self released two previous albums recorded in a community funded recording studio in Glasgow's Castlemilk housing scheme namely 1999's Deliverance and 2000's Panorama.

Deliverance was part of my Ballantrae holiday haul. A bit rough round the edges in places but still containing one or two great pop songs including a couple which were subsequently re-recorded and featured on their breakthrough album.

They may have recentky lost their crown as Castlemilk's finest to Gary Cinnamon but they were a splendid little band.
I'm off now to try and track down  some of Daniel Wylie's solo stuff.

Cosmic Rough Riders - Ungrateful

Cosmic Rough Riders - Country Life


  1. Two splendid tracks. I have been unable to get either of those first two albums. I do, though, have two Daniel Wylie solo albums.

  2. The girl who lived across the road from me growing up married Daniel Wylie.

    1. Excellent pop trivia there Drew!

    2. There's not enough of these "I knew someone who.." comments. Can I add that a girl in the same year as me in primary (and secondary) school married a famous (ish) ex Dundee United, Spurs and Rangers footballer?

  3. Very nice. I'm only familiar with 'Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine' & 'Too Close To See Far' and I don't know Wylie's solo stuff at all.

  4. In view of the love here for Cosmic Rough Riders I've added them to my 'wants' list. So, er....thanks. Note to self: You're meant to be downsizing not going t'other way!