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Monday 15 April 2019

The Blues Collection - Magic Sam

The Ballantrae haul saw yet another one of the Blues Collection snaffled up.
All Your Love by Magic Sam is number 21 in the series but the 51st one to grace the CC shelves.

Born in 1937 in Grenada County, Mississippi as Samuel Gene Maghett  like many fellow Bluesmen he moved to Chicago's West side where he sadly died in 1969 following a heart attack at the ridiculously young age of 32.
Whilst an accomplished Blues guitarist he was willing to experiment  by augmenting his blues with the likes of soul and rockabilly.
The first song here is recorded in Chicago in 1957 and the second in 1958.
Not to be confused with his good friend Magic Slim who has featured here before

51 down 39 to go!

Magic Sam - Everything Gonna Be Alright

Magic Sam - 21 Days in Jail

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