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Sunday, 21 January 2018

A Sunday Single # 3

Block Buster! by Sweet was released on 13th January 1973 when I was 12. I can remember dancing to it at my primary school disco.
It was brilliant then and is still brilliant now 44 years later.
It was their only UK number 1 single but they did manage to hit the number 2 spot on at least 5 occasions one of which being the equally brilliant Ballroom Blitz.
A Chinn and Chapman number - obviously
The b-side Need a Lot of  Lovin' shows their slightly rockier side that they had before Glam Rock and which they subsequently reverted back to when the glitter and flares were all gone

We just haven't got a clue what to do.

There is confusion as to whether or not lead singer Brian Connelly was the half brother of Taggart star Mark McManus or whether he was fostered by the McManus family. Both sadly succumbed to alcohol in the end.

Sweet - Block Buster!

Sweet - Need a Lot of Lovin'


  1. You take me back to my schooldays when The Sweet were hard to beat by other artists. Thanks for this memory CC.

  2. It´s a pity there'll be no YouTube video of your dancing days at primary school.

    1. You would have admired my platforms and tank top!

    2. All the fashion round these parts today.....

  3. Released six weeks before I saw them live at The Rainbow in Finsbury Park, my second ever concert.

  4. The Primary School me preferred Blockbuster to Jean Genie when the two songs were racing up the charts.

    Even today I think Blockbuster might just edge it.



  5. A band and a song from my childhood....fondly remembered!

    The Sweet, T. Rex and (gulp) Gary Glitter were all things the 10/11 year old me loved hearing on the radio...didn't mind early David Essex either.

    Bowie? It took me a while....Space Oddity creeped me out as I hated the idea of an astronaut snuffing it.

  6. Oh yes CC - This was the sound of my school disco days as well. We even choreographed a dance to it in PE (or gym as it used to be called) after a classmate brought in the single.

    As for the fashion, just the start of platforms and tank tops really but being "fashion forward" my granny lovingly knitted me a couple!

  7. Lots of primary memories here too. 9 year old me at the time this came out had a bit of a crush on Brian. But I think it was because I wanted to look like him!