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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The First Record Played in 2018

The first record to (gently) shatter the New Year tranquility at CCM HQ was Songs from Northern Britain the 6th studio album by Teenage Fanclub released in 1997. 21 years ago so you can argue that it has come of age.

It wasn't that well received by the critics at the time but what do they know. For me it's up there and depending on my mood sometimes their best.An argument for the pub I feel.
No hangover to report on New Year's Day but if I had this would have been the perfect remedy..

The band members share the songwriting credits but on this album, as indeed on others, I find myself graduating to the songs by Gerard Love.Another pub argument topic

Teenage Fanclub - Ain't That Enough

Teenage Fanclub - Take The Long Way Round


  1. I struggle to believe that Bandwagonesque isn't their best record but there's no doubt in my mind that the songs on this one are among the best they ever did.

  2. No pub argument here - it's their best record, a shade ahead of Grand Prix.

  3. 'Songs from Northern Britain' is an record that's terrifyingly close to perfection. I love every second of it.

  4. My favourite, though it was the one I discovered them through, and often your first becomes your favourite by default.

  5. Bought Bandwagonesque on CD recently after reading several recent (thumbs up) reviews, played it (admittedly only once) and was sorely disappointed. Maybe the timing/occasion was wrong and I will listen again but it sounded tinny and thin to these cloth ears.