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Monday 8 January 2018

Green On Red - Dirk Brian Swede

My Chuck Prophet post the other day awoke some brain cells from their festive slumber - particularly those of the gentlemen named above.
They all got quite excited at the thought of  Green on Red and in particular their 1985 album Gas Food Lodging and in Dirk's case the opening track That's What Dreams.

My copy is a second hand one from  Missing Records which was a bargain at £1.99 and I was fortunate enough to see them play at King Tuts on 4th September 2006.

When you google Gas Food Lodging  the first  reference is to a 1992 film about a waitress trying to find romance while raising two daughters in a trailer park.
Something wrong there surely but I wouldn't be surprised if it took it's name from the  classic album by a brilliant band.

Green on Red -That's What Dreams

Green on Red - Easy Way Out


  1. Two great tracks from a terrific band. Only saw them live once - also at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - in 1992. Support band was Miracle Legion. One of my all-time favourite live shows.

  2. Funnily enough, inspired by your Chuck Prophet post, I spent a couple of hours over the weekend trying to pull together a Green on Red ICA. I've been unable to narrow the selection down beyond 18 tracks so far - I'll come back to it. I first saw the band in 1984, a night when Sid Griffin memorably joined them on stage for a ramshackle encore of 'Knockin' on Heaven' Door'. The last couple of times I saw Green on Red would've been on the same 1992 tour that Gram Lynch mentioned, when Miracle Legion were indeed bloody marvellous as well. I would've dearly loved to have caught a show on their reformation tour in 2006 though CC - I'm jealous.

  3. Now this is how you start a week.

  4. I used to have (and loved) Here Come The Snakes...

  5. This is a band I know very little about, so reading that The Swede is working on an ICA fills me with happiness.

    Cheers fellas.

  6. Just discovered this post today, too busy, I'm afraid: thanks very much, mate, highly appreciated!