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Tuesday 9 January 2018

Rankin' Full Stop

It's about time that Ska revival band The Beat graced these pages once more.
Their debut single  from 1979 Tears of a Clown/Rankin' Full Stop is on the mighty 2 Tone label and reached number 6 in the UK singles chart.
Thereafter they set up their own label Go- Feet which predominantly featured their own records and also  singles by The Mood Elevators  and Pato & Roger and a couple of singles and an album by Cedric Myton & the Congos

Sadly still on the go on the retro circuit with two competing versions featuring former band members.
Let's remember them as they were.

The Beat -Rankin' Full Stop

The Beat - Too Nice To Talk To


  1. Ranking Roger's Beat released a surprisingly good album towards the end of 2016. The single 'Side to Side' was particularly strong.

  2. I saw Roger's version live a couple of years ago, they were excellent.

  3. Rankin' Full Stop is such a brilliant song. Huge fun to listen to, and when I was younger, to dance to. Far too quick and energetic a tune nowadays

  4. Not a slight on 2 Tone but always great to see the Go Feet logo.

  5. Loved The Beat, Save it For Later was always my personal fave. Always thought it was really well known until a couple of my (so called) muso savvy mates claimed never to have heard it. How was that possible I thought? Anyway, here you go