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Sunday, 28 January 2018

A Sunday Single #4

The last of the four singles recently purchased in my local Charity shop and it is a cracker.
Ghost Town by the Specials in a 2 Tone sleeve for 50p. I may not get a better bargain this year.
Released on 12th June 1981 it spent 3 weeks at number 1 and a total of 10 weeks in the UK Top 40

I have a lot of admiration for the Specials but embarrassingly precious few records. Only The Peel Sessions EP and In the Studio by The Special A.K.A (if that counts) and the occasional track on compilations. Something I clearly need to rectify.
Talking of the Specials isn't it great to see Scott from the ever wonderful Spools Paradise back posting?

I revisited the charity shop recently but the good ones have now going and they are left with Cliff Richard and the likes.There are precious few vinyl singles in the Muso room although a job lot belonging to Mrs CC and her sister appeared when her mum moved house.
Depending on the quality and the condition of these records I will continue with this series meantime  and keep my eye out for some more bargains.

The Specials - Ghost Town

The Specials - Why?

The Specials -Friday Night, Saturday Morning


  1. I doubt you will find a bargain that good for the rest of the year.


  2. Ghost Town is one of the greatest singles of the 1980s. Its b-sides are wonderful too and both made a bug impression on me as a kid. They set out what a 12" pop single could do.
    Swiss Adam

  3. Interesting to see this 7”. Not sure that I have before. I have had the 12” of this one for many years. Very nice pickup, CC.

  4. Can't go wrong with Ghost Town, a song that genuinely scared me when I was a boy.

  5. Jamie's right, you'll struggle to pick up a better charity shop find this year.

  6. 50p??? Someone in the shop made an error there! Bargain.

    (pity it wasn't the picture sleeve mind you)