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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Covered by Cash - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

When Swiss Adam and C cast their votes for Bruce Springsteen then you know that Johnny is in serious trouble.
And so it proved. Only a vote by George prevented a total landslide for The Boss with the original of Highway Patrolman.
The scores therefore are now Cash 7 The Rest 4.
The Man in Black has probably covered dozens of Hank Williams songs over the years and indeed I have a few.
I've opted for his version of I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry on America IV: The Man Comes Around where he is accompanied by Nick Cave. I suppose you could argue that 2 against 1 is hardly fair but let's face it you probably would need haunners if you were up against the Hillbilly Shakespeare.

I think that the tag team just about shade it. Others, of course may choose to disagree.

Johnny Cash (with Nick Cave) - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Hank Williams -I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry


  1. I am surprised you have chosen the JC version.

  2. Hank every time.
    Swiss Adam

  3. It can only be Hank Williams. "And if you don’t like Hank Williams, honey, you can kiss my ass…”

  4. Now I'm torn. Hank should beat everyone every day of the week, but it's Johnny AND Nick. A formidable team... Seeing as Hank may well take an easy win here, I'm going to go the other way to give Johnny and Nick a bit of credibility.

  5. I love Johnny & Nick an' all, but this round goes to ol' Hank, no question.

  6. I said my answer out loud the second I saw your headline. Hank.

  7. I was going to use the same quote as Lynchie.

    There have been some great versions of this song. Richard Hawley does a brilliant one. Willie Nelson. The Raveonettes. Al Green.

    But it all goes back to Hank...

  8. Props to the Robster for being contrary on principle so I didn't have to do it. Let it be Hank!

  9. Better late than never! Listened to both then decided on Hank. Having seen the rest of the comments I'm not alone.

    Love that - Haunners. Can be used in so many situations.

  10. This a repetitive strain injury post. Hank!