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Thursday 4 January 2018

Homemade Blood

There are a few great artists out there who I am at a loss to explain why I have so few of their records.
Matthew Sweet is one  such artist who  immediately springs to mind and Chuck Prophet is another.
I only have two of his solo records and four in all if  you count Green on Red. I've probably seen  him more times than that.
1997's Homemade Blood is the last thing of his that I have. So criminally nothing from the last 20 years then although anything of his I have heard during that period has been never short of excellent.
A possible New Year's resolution in there I feel.

Chuck Prophet - Credit

Chuck Prophet - Whole Lot More


  1. AFter reading your piece I checked The Spreadsheet: 2 Green on Red, 3 Chuck Prophet. Needs to be increased, you+re right. Homemade Blood is a splendid album, good choice.

  2. More Matthew, Chuck and Green on Red. Sounds like a good way to start the new year to me.

  3. Yes indeed - especially hearing 'That's What Dreams' from 'Gas Food Lodging' again would be highly appreciated!

  4. I have a slew of Sweet, but your paltry Prophet bests me. I was a big fan of Green on Red, however, especially 'Gas Food Lodging'. Dirk is right on there.

  5. Chuck is another one of my "must hear more" artists. I did get last year's album though and it was a belter... Only narrowly missed out on my Top 17.

  6. I checked my spreadsheet as well (God what are we like!!!) and found 4 Green On Reds and a couple of Chucks. The sad sad thing about this is that they're all on vinyl and since I haven't bought any vinyl let alone played any in the last 20 years means that I really need to get my 'shit' together and put stylus to vinyl. Crackle crackle Thanks for the nudge