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Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year's Day's Homage

Happy New Year to you all. Let's hope it is a good one (without any fear).
The more long suffering among you will know the drill by now.
New Years Day is the day when CCM pays homage to two absolute musical giants who both happened to die on this day.
They have both influenced many other artist and indeed my record collection.
Hank Williams died on New Years Day in 1953 aged just 29.But what a legacy of music he left behind.
Obviously I never got to see Hank but was fortunate enough to see the late great Townes Van Zandt who died on 1st  January 1997 aged 52 twice.

Again it is traditional to state that it will  obviously be downhill now on these pages for the rest of the year.

Hank Williams -Your Cheatin' Heart

Townes Van Zandt - Flying Shoes


  1. 29 and 52 - Far, far too young but just goes to show it's not the length of time we have on the planet it's what we do with it.

    All the best for 2018 CC.

  2. Happy New Year to you and Mrs. CC!

  3. 2018 is going to be a great year. Looking forward to tuning in to Charity Chic to provide the soundtrack. All the best to you and yours, CC!

    1. And to you and yours Jonny
      Eagerly awaiting the new Ponderosa Aces release!

  4. Happy New Year to you and Mrs CC, I don't know what your lum is but I hope it lang reeks!

  5. Happy New Year, CC. Here's to another 365 top posts!

  6. All the best to you and yours in 2018, CC.

  7. Stevie, all the very very best to you and Mrs CC for 2018: I do hope both of you will stay healthy and also that we might meet up again soon!

  8. Happy new year to you and yours CC. A fine way to start 2018.