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Wednesday 31 January 2018

Some More Midweek Treats

I couldn't resist a further dip into the pick'n' mix  selection that is the Treats sampler from Seattle's Barsuk Records.
It is from 2002 as Brian kindly informs us. He also features The Long Winters  so we don't have to.

This time around I thought I would concentrate on artists that I was less familiar with. I was familiar with the name Death Cab For Cutie (kindda hard not to be with a name like that) but not with the music.
If it all as good as A Movie Script Ending then some more exploration is clearly required.
I also plumped for a band I have never heard of All-Time Quarterback. Turns out that this is a side project of DCFC main man Ben Gibbard featuring some songs that didn't seem right for his main band.

Sadly on this occasion John Vanderslice, The Prom, Sunset Valley and the awfully named Kind of Like Spitting all failed to miss the cut

Death Cab For Cutie - A Movie Script Ending

All -Time Quarterback - Plans Get Complex


  1. Two fine selections, CC. Have to agree you’ve hit just about all of the highlights. Well, save for the opener by the Long Winters. My advice is to skip that one though. That Long Winters post I did last week was one of the least visited in years.

  2. Missed your Long Winters post Brian, but then I seem to be missing so much these days. Off to check it out now.
    I must give Ben Gibbard more of my time.