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Monday, 29 January 2018


At Saturday night 's Celtic Connections concert Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer covered Lithium. More of which later. It also features on their album Not Dark Yet.
All of which had me reaching for the original which I haven't played in a long while.

Our retired neighbours through the wall like to entertain often and loudly as was the case on Sunday afternoon. As a gesture of neighbourly goodwill I left the album playing at a reasonable volume as I went for a shower.

I like it, I'm not going to crack.

Nirvana - Lithium

Nirvana - Polly


  1. I hope the volume wasn't TOO reasonable.

  2. I had particularly problematic downstairs neighbours in my flat about 25 years ago. I was very tolerant, but one day I cracked. I removed the speakers from the wall, laid them face down on the floor, turned the volume of the amp up to full, put 'Ace of Spades' on repeat and went out. It's a very out of character thing for me to do, so I must have been pushed beyond all reason - I shudder even thinking about it now (the neighbours were a pretty dodgy bunch of 'erberts), but, amazingly, it did the job. They were good as gold from then on.

  3. I always found a good dose of King of The Beats by Amazon II would silence the arsehole next door in our last house, especially when the bass kicked in around the 2 minute mark

  4. Thinking if you were using Nevermind as source material you should have gone with 'Stay Away'.

  5. Nice one, CC. We've done the same in our time too. Dance music works a treat as well. And next door now a holiday let so we don't even have to worry about grudges being borne!

  6. I'm lucky in not having the bad neigbour thing....

    I played 'Nevermind' in its entirety a few weeks ago for the first time in ages. It's still a belter of a record.