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Friday, 12 January 2018

Let The Side Show Begin

Apologies to anyone tuning in and expecting to hear Barry Biggs.
Side Show was a 2010 album by Scottish/Canadian super folk group The Burns Unit.
I got it out the library shortly after it's release and it has always been an ambition to replace it with a physical copy.
It was never quite top of my wish list and always fairly expensive. I played it just after New Year and checked the price to find it was pretty reasonable and swooped.
The collective consisted of Emma Pollock, Future Pilot A.K.A., King Creosote, Kim Edgar, Karine Polwart, Mattie Fouls, Michael Johnston and MC Soom T who had originally met at Burnsong a Scottish songwriting retreat
They played a few gigs and festivals but only ever recorded the one album.
KC and KP take the lead on the first track featured and Soom T on the second.

The Burns Unit -Since We've Fallen Out

The Burns Unit - Send Them Kids to War


  1. I love this album, especially Send Them Kids To War. Such a powerful song.

  2. After Kim Wilde earlier this week I think Barry Biggs would be an improvement.

  3. I have this Burns Unit album, I'm sure you recommended it to me.

  4. 'Side Show' is a marvellous album, although i'd argue that KC's solo version of 'Since We've Fallen Out' is even more outstanding.

  5. I'd heard "Send Them Kids To War" before but the 2nd track was new to me and sounded pretty good.

  6. I’ll give anything a go that has Emma involved.

  7. Pollock and Polwart? Count me in.

  8. Hyperbole alert! I love Since We've Fallen Out almost beyond measure - it's in my top (well whatever number constitutes a reasonable number for aged music lovers) 1,000,1500, 2,000? Anyway, whatever we might agree on I'd say this is definitely in my top 100 which is pretty damn high considering. I think I first heard it from you actually, in which case many many thanks - my first posting of it was 3rd Sept 2016 (yes I spreadsheet these sort of things!). Their rendition of Send Them Kids To War on Later was pretty great too. Cheers!