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Thursday 11 January 2018

She Came from Greece, She had a Thirst for Knowledge

I was quite surprised to discover that Pulp have only appeared on these pages once before and that was with Help the Aged from a compilation album.
Although 1995's Different Class  which I took from the shelves and played in the car this week was the album which shot them to fame it was in fact their 5th album with the band having been on the go from as far back as 1978.
I sometimes think that Different Class can be seen as the Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret for the 90's.
Both albums having a number of brilliantly written slightly seedy and sordid  songs and three cracking singles - in Soft Cell's case Tainted Love, Bedsitter and Saw Hello, Wave Goodbye whereas Different Class has the two below and Sorted for E's & Whizz.

Pulp - Common People

Pulp - Disco 2000


  1. Am I alone in thinking Soft Cell should reunite and re-release Bedsitter as Brexiter? All together now,

    "And now I'm all alone
    In Brexitland,
    My only home."

  2. Can't go wrong with that... although I'd argue Different Class had more than three great singles.

    What about Mis-Shapes? And Something Changed?

  3. On another blog someone once asked me what my three favourite songs were - Impossible to answer really as it changes all the time but in the end I came up with Up The Junction, Waterloo Sunset and Common People. I have written about the first two over at my place so just got to feature CP now - Thanks for reminding me. When the chips are down, it's the lyric driven songs that are most memorable.

  4. I have to give most of my favourite tunes a rest every once in a while, but 'Common People' is among a small group of songs that I never seem to tire of. The Glastonbury performance of it was transcendent.

  5. Great choice today, CC. Nodding my head a lot here. Alyson’s three songs are something, aren’t they? This American thinks it doesn’t get more British than that trio. Pulp didn’t get much attention over here, but Different Class did break through a bit. I play this one in the car a lot. One you can just put in and not worry about.

  6. Weirdly I like Pulp more now than I ever did at the time of these releases, and I liked them then. Just they sound even better now for some reason, still so refreshing; I can't imagine they'll ever seem dated.

    And yes to Brian's comment about our Alyson's excellent choices - quintessentially British!

  7. They say if you've nowt positive to say then say nowt but there's something about Disco 2000's poppy tweeness that I just couldn't stomach. Loved all the other tracks on DC though.

  8. Loved this album at the time...and still do. But prefer nowadays to listen to 'This Is Hardcore'. It's nowhere near as accessible but it is Pulp's opus magnum.