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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Sir Andy Flurry

It's been pretty grim up here for the last few days with the weather taking a turn for the worse.
Plenty of the old white stuff about resulting in the roads grinding to a halt.
On Tuesday night it took me over 3 hours to travel the 18 miles from Wishaw to home.
So on Wednesday I resorted to public transport.
I got the train to Wishaw or at least that was  the plan. Wishaw is on the Lanark line which is Glasgow -Bellshill -Motherwell -  Wishaw - Carluke - Lanark with the occasional other stop inbetween.
I got on at Glasgow and things were going swimmingly until Motherwell when there was an announcement that because the train was running late there would be no further stops until Lanark.
So I had to get off and get a bus. I have contacted Scotrail looking for them to reimburse my £2.30 bus fare.
Maybe I should have stayed on til Lanark and noised up Drew!

When Fred Eaglesmith has finished clearing the roads of Cumberland County maybe he'll jump onto Sir Andy Flurry above and sort out the M74

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

Fred Eaglesmith - Cumberland County


  1. We've had no snow (as yet) round these parts, but last night's wind was absolutely ferocious. We sleep in the loft and the roof felt like it was about to take off. Trees down all over the place apparently.

  2. I missed the chance to see Fred Eaglesmith live at a local pub almost 2 years ago. I still beat myself up about that.

    1. I saw him once at the Tron Theatre Bar.
      He put on a good show

  3. No snow here, been 18 centigrade. To me that Fred Eaglesmith sounds bit springsteen-y

  4. You should have, as I couldn’t get my German car to move in the snow and couldn’t get to Monklands to see an extremely pissed off nurse who had made the journey in as I said that I would definitely be there.

  5. You should have got someone to put you up for the night as that 3 hour commute sounded dire. For once not as bad up here with us it seems.

    Really liked that Fleet Foxes pick.

  6. Although I don't think we've had it as bad as you, a 50 minute journey still took me two hours on Tuesday.

    LOVE the Fred Eaglesmith! (And FF, obviously.)

  7. ScotRail's treatment of you doesn't come as a surprise.

    Sorry to say CC but you won't get your bus fare back - they might offer £1 as reimbursement for the train inconvenience, arguing that should have waited at Motherwell for the next available service. Been there, argued the toss (more than once) and got nowhere....