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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

If We Can't Trust The Doctors

About a dozen or so years ago I went to see  Detroit based Americana/Southern Gothic band Blanche play at the Barfly in Clyde Street, Glasgow.
They, and the lead singer Dan John Miller in particular, were totally obnoxious treating their audience with total disdain.
Which is all a bit of a pity given that their 2004 debut album If We Can't Trust The Doctors on Loose Records is actually rather good .I was reminded of this record as I have just filed The Bottle Rockets next door to it.
Here are a couple of songs from said album including a cover of The Gun Club's Jack on Fire from the classic Fire of Love.

Blanche - Who's To Say

Blanche - Jack on Fire


  1. What a shame to hear what knobheads they were. I really liked this album, and its follow-up 'Little Amber Bottles'. Dunno what happened to them after that, but if they treated all their audiences in the way you described it wouldn't be surprising if they called it a day because everyone hated them.

  2. Shouldn't Bobby "Blue" Bland be filed next to Blanche?? Like The Robster I have the first two albums.

    1. Bobby is in the Soul section in a different part of the muso room

    2. Of course it is. I just wasn't thinking when I wrote that.

  3. I vaguely recognise the sleeve, but don't know the music at all - an interesting racket, I like the Gun Club cover particularily. It's a pity they were twits.

  4. Wow, Blanche are still around. I checked the archive and see that I took my daughter to see them in July 2005. Haven't thought about them since.

  5. I saw them live many years ago, supporting... Can't remember who. Anyway, they were perfectly decent and no bother to the audience. I even went and bought this album off the back of the gig, who h I wouldn't have done if they'd pissed me off.

    Shame they weren't so civil to you.

  6. In a place as small as Barfly was, there is no hiding place for a band if they don't interact with the audience.

    Silly boys and girls.