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Tuesday 23 January 2018

The Greatest White Liar

I can't remember whether it was by accident or by design but I once witnessed an absolutely incendiary concert at King Tuts by Nic Armstrong and his band the Thieves.
It was 60's throwback stuff with more than a passing nod to the blues and it was absolutely superb.
I eagerly awaiting the arrival of his debut album The Greatest White Liar which was released in April 2004 on One Little Indian records.
I must admit to being a tad disappointed when I heard it. Not because it is a bad album but because it came nowhere near  to the live experience.
Then I saw them again in the Barfly and sadly that gig was not a patch on the first time round.
We went our separate ways thereafter.Originally from Newcastle they are now based in Austin, Texas.

I guess it was just one of those special nights that you get from time to time.

Nic Armstrong - I Can't Stand It

Nic Armstrong - Down Home Girl


  1. Enjoyed these two tracks, but not enough to think about buying the album

  2. "It was just one of those special nights that you get from time to time."

    Indeed. Quite a few times I've been blown away by a singer/band at first sight only to be let down by the studio versions and later performances. Probably all to do with expectations having been very low to begin with and then unrealistically high afterwards.