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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Lonely Boy

I've just finished reading Last Train to Memphis the first  volume of the Elvis Presley biographies by Peter Guralnick. I've got the second volume Careless Love, Stewart Cosgrove's Memphis 68 and Iain Banks Raw Spirit: Story of a perfect Dram  still to read.

I thought I would start with something less taxing Lonely Boy the memoirs of former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones lent to me by my brother.
It is a pretty easy and entertaining read - the usual sex and drugs and rock'n'roll cliches with some childhood abuse and neglect, voyeurism and thieving thrown in for good measure.Amusing and toe curling on occasions and he is brutally honest as to his foibles.
 He has come out the other end and is now sober and a successful radio presenter in Los Angeles with his Jonesy's Jukebox show.

It spurred me into featuring something from Never Mind the Bollocks which I have been meaning to do for a while.There are two copies on the shelves- one of which probably used to belong to my brother.

Sex Pistols - No Feelings

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK


  1. I played keeper against Jones in a 7v7 soccer game out here in LA a couple of years back. You don't play offside in 7v7, so he just hung out by the goal and waited for one of his younger teammates to send him a long ball. He was actually pretty deft and had a good shot, but as I always knew where he was I didn't let any in. He was nice afterwards and we talked about a visa mishap that prevented Hugh Cornwell of the Stranglers from coming to LA and making a guest appearance on his show. Really likable guy.

    1. Funilly enough Jonny he devotes a whole chapter to how good a goalie you are!

    2. Ouch!!!!!

      great line CC.....but let's admit it. We're both jealous that while we're stuck here in the snow, Jonny is over there thinking of what notes he'll be laying down soon in the studio with his Ponderosa Aces, no doubt speed-dialling Jonesy and other famous LA-based musos to meet up for a beer afterwards.

    3. What a great story, JFTL. Really made me smile.

  2. "brutally honest" - you betcha.
    His past does not forgive his actions or attitude, but you can sort of understand why he was like he was.
    Age, LA sunshine and (the often entertaining) Jonesys Jukebox seemed to have mellowed him.
    Still wouldn't want to get on the wrong die of him though.

    On my list of "Who would you like to have a pint with?"

  3. Sounds like an impressive reading list. I particularly have. Y eye on Memphis 68 now.

    I probably shouldn't be admitting this on a public forum, but part of me hoped Lonely Boy was an Andrew Gold biography...

  4. Ooh I loved Steve's fat guitar sound (especially in songs like Problems, one of my fave NMTB tracks). But can definitely imagine his autobiog to be a bit 'toe-curling' in places...!