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Sunday 14 January 2018

A Sunday Single #2

This second recently acquired single is one which will please Walter who I know is a big fan.
Entering the UK singles  chart on 8th December 1973 Pool Hall Richard by The Faces remained there for  11 weeks peaking at number 8.
All Music critic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine, described the song as unremarkable. He's wrong there it is a terrific tune. From when Rod was good.
The B side is a credible live cover of the Temptations song I Wish It Would Rain.

My copy (as was the case with Kim Wilde) has a plain paper sleeve as opposed to the picture sleeve featured above.Ronnie Laine appears on the sleeve but does not appear on the record as he had left the band before it was recorded and released as a single.

Another one next Sunday.

The Faces - Pool Hall Richard

The Faces - I Wish it Would Rain


  1. Pool Hall Richard is indeed a splendid song

  2. Rod The Sod's rough and ready answer to "Pinball Wizard". I love the way the guitars and drums crash about and Ronnie Wood sounding as if he's changing gears.

    The final seconds with the breaking class noise possibly inspired the Cure's "Lovecats", but I may have overthought this...

  3. If 'Pool Hall Richard' is an unremarkable song, give me unremarkable songs any day of the week. It's bloody great.

  4. What they all said. Splendid stuff CC.

  5. Still one of my all time favourites. Didn't get tired listening to The Faces. Great stuff CC.