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Sunday 1 March 2015

Some Sunday Soul

It's confession time. There is a CD on the CCM shelves by an X Factor contestant! And it is a cracker.
Rebecca Ferguson, Scouse girl next door and mother of two was the runner up in 2010 to someone called Matt Cardle. No, me neither!
A certain One Direction trailed in a poor third.
Her debut album Heaven from  2011 is pretty good and I would recommend that you pick it up if you see it cheap. She co-wrote all the songs, something I suspect One Direction have never done.
She followed this up with 2013's Freedom and has just released Lady Sings The Blues a song by song interpretation of the Billie Holliday album.
I suspect that the man with the trousers up to his oxters might try to pull these tracks so get in quick.

Anyone else willing to own up to owning an X Factor record?

Nothing's Real But Love

Glitter & Gold


  1. Yep, these are pretty tight. I did watch X-factor (a family ritual back then) when she was on it and always thought she was far superior to almost anything else I'd ever seen on there. She seems like a nice girl, too. She's done a Billie Holiday album? That I MUST hear. No, I cannot make a confession of owning anything by any X-Factor personages but my cubs have had a few over the years. Uniformly terrible, of course. Rock on, 'Becca - keep 'em coming.

  2. I recognise that song Nothing's Real. But of course I have nothing by an X-factorite. Sounds a bit Adele-ish to me, which is not a particularly good thing.

  3. Far superior to Adele in my humble opinion

  4. I remember trying to convince two mates of this woman's talent a couple of years back and failing miserably. Easily the most gifted singer to appear on The X Factor, there is a real quality to her voice. Most of the songs on her debut were fairly bland but her voice saved the songs. Billie Holliday songs suit her voice perfectly, her voice sounds as if it is from that era.

  5. I think Mrs Darce bought this one. Agree with Scott that I remember thinking the songs were a bit bland but the lady has a good voice.

    Re Adelet: Mrs Darce (and most of her lady friends it seems) loves Adele but I can't see what all the fuss is about. At times she reminds me of a female version of Vic Reeves' pub singer. It annoys me that she is held up as some sort of soul diva. Perhaps that is it - the media overboard hype surrounding her is what really gets me.

    1. I agree re Adele Darcy. She is no better than many others and indeed not as good as a good few more. The media hype has probably got something to do with it. I've got copies of both her albums but don't feel the rush to acquire them anytime soon.
      Having said all that she strikes me as being a pretty down to earth and nice person so good luck to her

  6. I've always hated the idea of having to admit to being musically narrow-minded - I do lean heavily towards my own idea of vintage. But I have to confess to really liking her voice - so thanks for posting this. If you ever pick up that album of Billie Holiday songs, I hope you'll post one or two, Mr. CC.