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Thursday 26 March 2015


Australia's Courtney Barnett has just released her debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit.
I figure this gives me an opportunity to plug some of her earlier work which I suspect that many of you will already be familiar with.
Indeed Avant Gardener has already become a modern classic with just short of  a million and a quarter hits on You Tube

It is taken from her EP How to Carve a Carrot into a Rose which together with another  EP  I've Got a Friend Called Emily Ferris  were released together on a 2013 CD  A Sea of Split Peas.
But then again you knew that.
Here's a track that namechecks another great Australian band

Courtney Barnett -Anonymous Club

And as an added bonus here is a soundcloud song from another Australian Larissa Tandy albeit one who alternates her time between Melbourne and Vancouver in Canada.

Larissa Tandy - Shut Down (Soundcloud)


  1. Looking forward to seeing Courtney again in a couple of weeks, the new LP sounds excellent. Larissa is a new name on me - nice. Thanks for the intro.

  2. Actually just been listening to Courtney's album in the car this morning. She can't sing for love nor money, but the girl's got a damn good way with words, and that's more important to me. 'Avant Gardener' has one of my fave lyrics in years: "She [the paramedic] thinks I'm clever because I play guitar / I think she's clever because she stops people from dying."

  3. Thumbs up from me too.


  4. Love her deadpan vocals, something very endearing bout Courtney.