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Monday 16 March 2015

Tougher Than The Rest

Saint Etienne are one of the many British bands from the late 80s/ early 90s who completely slipped under my radar whilst I  was immersing myself in Americana music.
They are also one of the many British bands that I am now rediscovering thanks to the blogging scene and the good taste of my esteemed colleagues on the right hand side bar.
A year or so ago I picked up Too Young Too Die -Singles 1990 -1995 in a charity shop which was a good place to start.
Last week I picked up So Tough on the Heavenly label their second album from 1993 in my local charity shop.
49p well spent.

Saint Etienne - Mario's Cafe

Saint Etienne - Calico


  1. Saint Etienne kind of passed me by at the time, for very similar reasons. These tunes are very nice. 49p? Good find.

  2. Same here! In fact I did an 180 degree turn... suddenly started to love them about 10 years ago and would now cite as one of my faves. I'd thoroughly recommend (if you haven't already heard) 'Words and Music' from 2012 - apart from just being pure class musically, the lyrics are brilliantly resonant for anyone of a certain age for whom music is a big part of identity. I'm happy to grow old with Saint Etienne!

  3. Best 49p you'll ever spend CC - So Tough is a brilliant record. Also agree with C about Words and Music - a darn good album and in places almost a biographical account of my own life!

  4. C and Robster - you have me intrigued. Further investigation required!

  5. You must get Word and Music form 2012. It is a very focused album that thrives on pure pop, rock and roll's need to be danceable and some of the best lyrical content a pop album can have. The opening pastoral spoken word/sung track, Over The Border, is meant for every kid who grew up in the age of 70's Glam and Prog and discovered Punk and New Wave as the decade ended and their teen years gave way to college years. Mixtapes, NME, Post Punk... Just brilliant!!

    1. Just had a listen to Over the Border on Spotify.Excellent stuff.It's on the list